07 January 2011

Video mixing (VJ) on Traktor

Both Virtual DJ and Serato have video mixing capability, Traktor don't. That is probably the only major feature that Traktor is missing. Otherwise it can pretty much to anything that the two other major Digital DJ/DVS systems incorporate. I just newly read an old forum post from 2008 in the NI forum that Native Instruments is looking for or hired resources for the soul purpose of working on developing VJ software. Traktor will probably get video capability some time in the future, but when this will be is not clear! I'm very interested in how far they've come in the process or if they have just put everything on hold because the lack of interest.

VJing is a small part of the DJ eco system, but it could give that extra punch for performance DJs that might infect the club environment as well, but only if it's done correctly.

The issue
The biggest problem with VJing is that not every audio track has a corresponding music video. This really limits the selection of tracks which just simply sucks. That's my main concern about VJing... Limiting my music selection.
I can't see my self DJing with a black screen for every 5-6 track that I play.
This could probably be fixed with creating cool visual effects between videos with text or something to promote yourself, cool pictures cross overs or a simple integrated video editor to create compilations with beat matched video cut from other music videos that are beat matched.

Watching videos?
All the clubs I play in does have a monitor system installed, so I guess it would be of some interest if I can create an incorporated video show or performance with my mixing, but for what purpose? I don’t want people sitting around watching music videos when they should be out dancing.

We’ll probably also need to buy some kind of video output device if they are not using the integrated external video port.

I will wait and see what will become of Traktor VJ efforts and take it from there.


Fil said...

I'm dreaming about that ...
Traktor and Vjing at the same time.
But I'm leaving traktor for Serato because of that missing tools ... badly

DJ FDRK said...

Sad to see you leaving, but if video mixing is your game I would suggest taking a look at Virtual DJ aswell as Serato. The Serato setup requires som quite expencive hardware... Hope to see you back as soon as Traktor Video has been reliesed. :) Happy hunting.


Frank G said...

I have been looking at including video mixing with my music sets and stumbled across this thread. Interesting what you say FDRK. Adding video clips to music tracks is quite easy so you dont have to limit your music choice only to tracks which already have a video. There are many dvd's available eactley for that purpose - see dvjvision.com. I totally get why someone would want to move away from traktor over to SSL. I bought the very very first version of traktor and have seen it evolve over many years. Whilst I would say that it is the best it's ever been - there's only so many ways to polish a turd before customers get tired of unreliable, unstable software. That said the fx are great and the sync tools are tight for those who cannot mix using vinyl or cdj's. Then there's SSL/Rane. Yes I agree it is costly, but what price can you put on well developed rock solid product that will never let you down in a live gig situation?? Also you can link your SSL to Ableton Live which has far many more studio/production fx than traktor could ever dream of, and it means that by linking to Live you use plugins too - be it fx or instruments. You can mix video via Ableton too but there is also a video add-on for SSL. There are some downsides to SSL but nothing to worry about and if you dont need to use auto sync to mix your tracks then SSL is the way to - it's a no brainer. There's been rumours of NI adding video support to Traktor for almost 10years, talk of integration with Live for at leat 4 years that I'm aware of and still nothing, so don't hold your breathe waiting for it to happen because it probably wont ever be reality - What you get from NI is a poor 4 bank sample deck option per channel - clunky to use, problems with sync and is totally unworkable in a typical 4 hour live dj set. I'm not totally against Traktor, I still use it, but for real vinyl purists like me - SSL wins it hands down every time - afterall it is Rane and Serato now running the digital Dj world championship with DMC - enough said!!!!