28 October 2010

Keeping your music safe (1/3): Overview

How many of you are backing up all your music? When do you do it?
It's really important to be on a regular backup plan and make sure that your data is safe.
You can either do this manualy or use an automated backup system.

There are a couple of things you should back up:
1. Music folders (Where ever they are on your computer)
2. Traktor setup folders (C:\Users\[user]\Documents\Native Instruments\)
3. Traktor Install folder (Put the latest version of Traktor and updated drivers for your soundcard and controller here)

Backing up these folders will make you able to quickly get back on your feet if you have a hardware malfunction. As long as you are able to get to the backup source you can quickly get a new installation of Traktor runing with all your music and settings. We'll look more closely at the restore procedure in part three.

Manual backup routine:
The simplest way to make a backup is to use an external harddrive and simply copy your tracks and settings to the disk. The best thing about this is that you will now be able to use this while on the road
Another way to do this is to use a Network Storage (NAS) like drobo or a hardware connected.

Automated online backup:
Depending on how much music you've got you can use free online backup options.
Services like mozy and idrive can give you great online backup posibilities. And for about $50 USD you can backup all your files online and the folders will automatically sync once you connect to the internet.

Virtual syncronized backup:
Dropbox is a super tool for backing up and working with you music.
You can use this service to manage your folders on other computers then your performing computer and sync them. More about this in part two.

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