01 October 2010

New entry level controller from Hercules

It looks like every hardware producer is now warming up for the BPM show next weekend. Hercules is one of them and lauched the DJ Console 4-Mx.

The design of the controller is really nice. It's in the entry level and you will get alot of gear for the money if you buy this controller. With both balanced Jack and RCA outputs and alot of inputs (both for line and mic) the options are pretty good. It's got a 6 button cuepoint area for both decks and I like the layout for the trasport buttons. All the buttons are back lit and the jogwheels are pressure sensitive.

A two fader mixer designed for a four deck environment? In my mind this isn't a very good combo. I would need my faders for all decks to be available at all time, so clicking a button to access my other decks isn't really favorable. It hasn't got enough rotary faders to support the effect units (but you can re-map and create a effect mode or use the EQ for a dual purpose, but again you would loose the dedicated controls)

It's shipped with Virtual DJ LE and looks to be made for this software aswell.

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