15 October 2010

Rumor: 4 deck magic from Numark

Lately Numark has been heavy on supporting Serato. The NS7 "only" work with Itch and alot of their new gadgets have been geared towards other software than Traktor. It breaks my heart, but I'm happy to see that Denon is on the Traktor offensive. :)

However... The guys at skratchworx.com has been lucky enough to be taken back to Numarks secret lair durring BPM 2010. Numark let them play around with their newerst creation. A controller made for a four deck environment and they say it looks to be a knockout.

"Think NS7 (minus 7" motorised platter) but in the vein of other competitive units.

They also said that there where two other "incidents" durring BPM 2010 but that they where secrets. How annoying and exciting...

Read more: skratchworx.com

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