08 October 2010

Pictures of Denon - BPM 2010

Scratchworx released pictures of Denon gear from BPM 2010.

The slideshow features the DN-MC6000, DN-X600 and DN-SC2000.
Denon products are allways high quality and I think the feel of the buttons are just amazing. Hopefully the new products will be of the same caliber as the earlier products.
I'm realy excited about the MC6000, the SC2000 is a super product and the X600 looks like a simple mixer, but it's just so much more.

The solid steel cased, four channel MIDI controller with built-in soundcard is one of the most amazing controllers to hit the market in a long time. It's geared towards Traktor and it looks actually to be one of the best controllers I've seen... Apart from the Native Instruments S4 offcause.

I've wrote more about this earlier and it looks like the best single deck controller on the market. I've tried alot of different products but nothing that looks as Traktor friendly as this sucker. :)

The X600 is a two channel mixer but is made for DVS DJ's and has some cool features under it's hood. It's got a built-in 4 channel in / 4 channel out soundcard and a 32-bit DAC Output for excellent soundquality. It's got an effects processor with 8 effects (Delay, Echo, Flanger, Filter, Reverb, Loop, Beat Scratch and BeatBreaker). All buttons and faders are MIDI assignable.
Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of premium-grade DJ equipment, unveils its DN-X600 2-Channel Digital Mixer, featuring MIDI interface and an internal soundcard. This versatile mixing solution is designed for all types of DJs, as it features software compatibility as well as full functionality for non-software DJs. The unit also acts as an interface, making it an ideal mixer for mobile DJs, party DJs, non-performing “bedroom” DJ hobbyists and more.

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