21 October 2010

Reloop Mixage

Reloop launched the Mixage controller at BPM in Birmingham at the start of October. It's a two deck controller with a built-in sound card (16 bit/48 kHz) which is okay for the price range that it's in. You can get this unit for about $300-400 USD which is in the lower price range for controllers with built-in sound cards.

I've never tried controllers from Reloop, but they seem to have a good reputation. I've always thought their designs where a bit bulky and didn't quite fit into my routine. This doesn't for fill my needs as far as effects go, but the design looks pretty tight. There is also a limited version in a silver/metal finish that looks awesome.

What's great?
Designed for Traktor Duo
Looks pretty cool
Back lit buttons
Touch sensitive jog wheels
Two Shift buttons
Vu-meter pr channel (LED volume indicator)
Four BIG buttons for play, cue, cup and Sync (SHIFT: CUE1, 2, 3 and 4)
Dedicated filter knob (SHIFT: Pan)
Loop length knob (SHIFT: Beatjump)
Reloop button! (...offcause...)
Effect on/Selector (Only one...) (SHIFT: Master/Keylock buttons)
Buttons for Vinyl mode and Search mode
Big search wheel with buttons to load and jump through crates
Three band EQ and Gain
Built-in sound card.

What's missing?
Buttons and knobs for effects to work fully with all parameters on Traktor Pro (But since it's made for Traktor Duo that might not count)

All in all it's a pretty alright controller if you want to start your DJ career and want to stick with Traktor Duo. But why not just go for the full package?