05 October 2010

Vestax VCI-100 MK II (Update)

I didn't have time to abbreviate about the new VCI100, so I just posted a quick post that it was launched.
Currently I'm using the VCI-100 because it's just a very good controller. I bought the black overlay from DJ Techtools and got the nice rubber knobs and I think it looks really nice. The only problem I have with the current one it that the effect section is way off from what Traktor needs and that looks to be fixed on the new one. This pro/con list is partly weighted on the upgrades from VCI-100 to VCI-100 MKII and info from DJ Techtools.

Price: $699 / €499 / £369
Available: November 2010

  • Fancy new design
  • Lighter than the previous version (2 kg)
  • Effect section ala Traktor
  • Dedicated buttons for Filter and Beatjump!
  • C/D Deck toggle
  • Big transport buttons and rotaryknobs
  • Built-in Soundcard
  • Shipped with Traktor LE
  • Plastic casing (But this makes it lighter)
  • Joystick for browsing and loading.
  • Only two faders.

In my opinion has Vestax delivered among the best quality products on the market, but it looks like they did not keep up with their reputation on this one according to DJ Techtools. However the one they tried was a proto type, so it might improve with the finished products.
The best news is that it looks like Ean Golden and the DJ Techtools guys will make a special edition to this controller. Hopefully they will improve the quality according to their own review and make this a smashing product.

If the quality is according to the Vestax standard this will definitely be one of the best Traktor Controllers on the market and offcause the DJ Techtools edition will probably kick ass!

Check out the video from DJ Techtools here.

More info on djtechtools.com and Vestax Pro

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