19 October 2010

Pimp your controller

Are you tired of the way your controller looks? Do you have a custom layout for the controller, but the writing on the controller just doesn't match? I just came over this awsome site for making a custom layout for your DJ Equipment! They've got alot of other products like guitars, computers and midi controllers.

They've got an editor for creating your own design that you can put on a wide variaty of products. It's a neat editor where you can upload pictures, create text and much more. You can also call on the standard layout if you just want to get a new background or layout.
They've got both my main controllers in there, but I'm waiting for Traktor S4 and so I'm waiting untill that's arrived before I'll invest in a new design for my current units.

It's a sticker that you just add to the front of your controller.
The prices vary from 20 to 50 USD + shipping.
Check out more on their website http://www.styleflip.com/