15 January 2011

Gemini CTRL-47

It's said to be a premium quality 4 deck controller for DJs. As I said earlier about Gemini is that in my experience (when I bought a Gemini mixer for about 15 years ago) they weren't very solid products. Hopefully this has changed.

However. The layout of the controller is in my eyes lacking a whole range of funtioncs that should be used by anyone who is wielding the mighty Traktor. So it's a four deck, dual transport midi controller with effect section and then some. I'm missing buttons for some loop functions, hotcues and beatjump. With only two buttons on transport control it's also missing quite alot on that arena aswell.

My tip:
Check out any other 4 deck controller before this one if you're thinking about going for Traktor. Don't limit your self to this controller and the simple lack of buttons and knobs.

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