11 January 2011

Serato iPad app...

This video is to showcase the MIDI-TO application on IPAD for Serato Scratch.
WOW! That's just embaressing... Is this how DJing with an interface on Serato Scratch sounds like? Well I reccon it's the guy spinning that's in serious lack of skill.
The app looks to show some potential, but the guys who are techy enough to get an iPad probably isn't the ones with Serato. I don't know. It just looks like they don't quite know what to use the buttons for and are just pushing them without a cause.
Best thing is that at the end of the video... He remove the timecode vinyl and go old school regular hard core plastic fantastic vinyl. I can see that this guy just didn't handle technology very well, and that's probably why he's on Serato. Pechiiing!

In this case... Do hate the player!

Thumbs up for the app though. ;)

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