13 January 2011

You're wrong Theo!

There has been some DJs out there lately defending the old way of DJing with hard copy media. Theo Parrish was just interviewed and had some ideas about digital DJing that is in my eyes very wrong.

With alot of respect to the great DJs out there still not gone digital:
Laptop DJing is the future and it differs not one bit from DJing with CDs or Vinyl.

I understand the need for a physical copy of your music and that does give you more "ownership" to your tracks. However... After beeing a digital DJ for couple of years now I feel that the relationship has moved away from the records them selves and the focus is now in the music. No matter what format it is played of.

Digital DJ Tips elaborates

I also think the comparisson with Jimi Hendrix and showmanship is a little off. I don't believe any DJ playing either on a laptop or CDs would light their equipment on fire. That's just stoopid...

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