04 January 2011

Phil takes a look at Midifighter

And we're still on the Midifighter today... Phil Morse at DigitalDJTips did a review of DJ Techtools' Midifighter. Phil is pretty thorough in his work and this review is no exception. There's also a very nice video of his mapping which I find to be pretty nice. It's made for Virtual DJ, but you can do the same for Traktor.

Read the review here

I'm looking to get one myself some time this year, but I haven't descided what colors to get it in and I realy want the advanced version... Though that version is bit pricy the original isn't that bad. I did all the selections that I would like to have on my controller in their MidiFighter editor/configurator and it came to about $200 USD. Not that bad for this awesome product...
I got the T-shirt though... :) Love the logo.

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