06 January 2011

NAMM 2011 rumors and speculations

First up I just want to tell you that neither Native Instruments or Traktor is listed as exhibitors on the NAMM page, so I guess there won't be alot of news concerning Traktor.
As the big show is closing in there are however some interresting rumors spreading on several fronts. Skratchworx did some digging and came up with some interresting stuff.

Earlier they teased us all about having looked at a new Numark 4 channel controller at BPM in Birmingham. (HERE)
According to them the controller will be showcased at NAMM 2011 and I'm excited to see what they've conjured up. Lately they've been heavy on the Serato side, so I hope this is a Traktor capable controller.

We know allready that Reloop is launcing their Mission III which I wrote about earlier. (HERE)

Ecler is entering the MIDI scene with a new controller called NEO. Picture from AboutDJ

Rane has said that they are going to have a press conference early on the first day to unveil several products. It's been alot of talk about Rane making standardized drivers for PC, so they might be looking to a bit more open in their relationship with Serato.

Itch will probably be showcased with Bridge integrated.

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