10 February 2011

Me and Ableton...

Since Traktor S4 needed som extra processing power and I needed to get a new computer. My old Traktor computer was just laying there, so after about a millisecound of thinking of what to do with it I reinstalled everything and installed Ableton.
I got so many MIDI controllers that I can use for this purpose (M-Audio Trigger Finger, Akai LDP-8, Korg Nanopad +++) so I figured I had to try it out. Just installed and poped some tracks into it and I got a pretty big surprise how good the tracks sounded and how easy it was to beatgrid the tracks.
Can't wait to connect the setup to Traktor and see what I can do with the two platforms combined.

I used this tutorial for the setup:

If you only have one computer, no worries! This is the way to go:

So if you've got an extra display or some kind of controller that gives you feedback from Ableton you can easily run the setup on one single computer. Fantastic. However... You might need a Mac or  use ASIO4ALL if you have a PC.


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