28 February 2011

Weekend update

I've been off grid this weekend and I'm here to update you on what's been happening this weekend online about Traktor.

DJ Techtools has a great post about online tutorials for Traktor, and they've listed a couple of nice videos.
Chech it out here

DJ Techtools also did a superb video on how to emulate Scratching using cuepoint juggeling. I take off my hat to Ean who explain his technique on how to do this. Realy enjoyed it and you should deffinetely check it out if you are in to expressing more and are not keen on learning to use a turntable.
Check it out here

DigitalDJTips did a nice feedback to one of their members about how to drop samples in a set with a midi controller (LPD8). They do reffer to KueIT in the article and I've looked at this software before. It's a pretty neat little program, with very low system requirements that you can run on the same computer as Traktor. Fatman Scoop use this software when he perform and it's pretty neat. However... With the new sample banks in Traktor Pro 2 one should be able to have enough samples available, but if not you should check it out.

Comment on the LPD8: The rotary buttons have a realy crapy feel and the buttons override the light feedback so setting up the controller is close to impossible. However the buttons are realy responsive and nice and if you change the rotary buttons it's perfect for dropping loops. I've got two, but wish I'd rather bought more Korg Nanopads...

Read the article here
Go to KueIT

DigitalDJTips also posted a very nice post explaining the intrecate part of key and the aspect of concidering mixing with key in mind. This is a REALY important part of DJing from my perspective. Taking key into concideration when mixing limits your choices, but elevate the quality of you blends to a whole new level. The article they wrote is pretty basic, so read it if you don't know what the term key stands for.
PS: Traktor has an awesome key lock algorithm!
Check it out here

Heads up:
Traktor Bible is working on their Traktor Pro 2 documentation and this will be released shortly after the software ships in April, so if you haven't bought it yet... Go do so. ;)

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