18 February 2011

Pioneer Nexus is released

The new Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus
The Nexus was realy portrayed in the teaser video as an effects controller, but in fact it was an entire new mixer: The Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus!
This will probably become the new club standard by the end of 2011...

I think it's the best looking mixer they've produced so far.
The best thing is that Pioneer DJM-900 has got Traktor support! It's simply made for DVS systems, but mainly support Traktor. The USB plug is at the top left corner and all you have to do is just bring your laptop, hook it up and start playing. (You don't need a soundcard and you don't have to touch one audio cable!)
It's got a internaly built-in 8 channel/24bit/ 96khz soundcard. You just have to select the source on the channel. The timecode inputs can be routed through the mixer and into any DVS. It's so smooth. Just check the new USB connection status light to see if the connection is complete and you're ready to go.

Not alot of outputs concidering there is an eight channel soundcard in there,
but it's all routed through the mixers master channel. Couldn't be better!

Other notable features:
  • Three new Sound color effects
  • Two new Beat Effect
  • X-pad effect controller
  • Improved faders
  • P-lock fader cap (So you can't pull the faders right off)
  • Midi Output for syncing external units
  • High end A/D converter. (The same 32 bit converters that are in the DJM-2000 mixer.)

Read more at PioneerDJ.com

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