24 February 2011

Traktor S4 soundcard problems

Is this bad boy giving you a hard time?

Got problems with data drops and crackeling when playing with your Traktor Kontrol S4? Well... I do and I just bought a new computer that's the badest piece of HW out there.
I did alot of looking around online and found this post on the Native Instruments Traktor S4 Forum.

  1. Install the previous Audio 8 DJ driver (2.0.15) and it did increased my performance somewhat!
  2. Made sure to shut down all useless services* (to simply lower the general CPU load)
    1. Check out what Bill and the boys say on the matter.
    2. Do this!
    3. Then do this!
    4. Then do what they do at DJ Techtools
* Remember if you disable services like firewall, windows defender and anti-virus software your computer might be compremised for bad stuff from the world wide web, so turn off the network and be smart about your surfing. STAY SAFE!