11 February 2011

Traktor 2 with T2 inside

IT'S NOW OFFICIAL: Traktor 2 is launching on APRIL 1st!
(Looks like the demo will be released some time in advance)

Traktor 2 was launced yesterday and in this new video from Native Instruments they show it all.
The new system is as we all perdicted MINDBLOWING!

It comes in five varieties like today:

For the controllerist:

For the turntablist:

Ean Golden takes a look:

So what's really new?
  • A GORGEOUS new interface with frequence information in color like Serato has had for some time, but it looks better with 4 different schemas!
  • Sampler (Like S4, but now on all four decks)
  • Ultra fine zoom for waveforms for setting 100% accurate cuepoints
  • New effects (THAT'S JUST AMAZING!)
    • Tape Delay
    • Ramp Delay
    • Auto Bouncer
    • Bouncer (This is just what I need)
  • Looprecorder (Like S4)
  • Improved sync for timecode vinyl called Softsync
  • Even lower timecode latency!
  • Possible to map multiple decks to one audio output channel! (YES!!!)
  • Two new soundcards!

Traktor Audio 10
      • 5 stereo inputs, 5 stereo outputs
      • Four phono preamps
      • MIDI I/O
      • Mic input

Traktor Audio 6
      • 3 stereo inputs, 3 stereo outputs.
      • Two phono preamps
      • MIDI I/O
      • Mic input

New soundcard hardware:

Best news ever:
Traktor S4 is now (April 1st) shipped with Traktor Pro 2 and the upgrade will be FREE!!!

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