23 February 2011

Traktor Virtual MIDI port

I wrote about the Traktor setup with Ableton earlier and since I now have an extra computer I use seperate computers for the different programs and the MIDI sync works perfectly.

Only on Macs... :(
Today I tried setting the system up on one computer like they did in the Dubspot video. However this will not work with a PC!

The solution for PC:
There are some software solutions out there that will help you sync Traktor and Ableton without any cables or hardware.
I've tried MIDI Yoke earlier, but upgrading to Traktor 1.2 I got some major issues with my midi controllers and it's said to have some issues with 64 bit OS aswell so this time I tried LoopBe1 from nerds.de and it worked perfectly.
It's simple and easy to set up and you should try it if you want to integrate both Traktor and Ableton on one computer.

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Anonymous said...

So.... HOW? Can U make tutorial? I have tried with Yoke and LoopBe30 on Windows 7 64bit and this doesnt work:/ And what about sending sound from Traktor to Ableton to use some Ableton effects or something ?