18 February 2011

Using one turntable on four decks in Traktor (Repost)

I looked at some of the "new features" listed in the article by DJTechtools about Traktor Pro 2 and figured I had to repost the videos from one of my earliest posts.

It says in one of the additional features:
  • Multiple decks can now use the same CD or turntable input.
It's possible through the midi mapping to do this in Traktor Pro aswell.

The reason I made the video was to show that it's possible to use one turntable to control any deck in Traktor, but also the posibility of switching between controllerist and turntablist modes very easily. So even with one timecode source (CD or Vinyl) connected to your Traktor system you can easily switch deck or just simply turn the whole timecode off and use the internal playback.


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