15 December 2010

Rumor: Reloop Mission III

BPM 2010 in Birmingham UK was a major event this year. Alot of cool controllers where shown for the first time and we got to preview the Reloop Mixage, though in a non functioning version.
Digital DJ Tips noticed an exciting teaser on their webpage and I'm happy to inform that it looks like the heat is on for NAMM in Los Angeles 13.november 2011! Yeah! Hopefully the manufacturers didn't go all out on BPM 2010, so we will see a new build up of rumors and previews before this event. I'm excited to see if there's a new hardware rush in January! NAMM dissapointed last year when it came to Traktor, so let's hope they put out this time. :)

What I read out of the picture:
  • Traktor Certified
  • Two channel controller (might be four)
  • VU-meter on the channels
  • 3 EQ knobs + Filter
  • on/off button for the filter on top of channel line.
  • Effect section with four 360 rotary encoders.
  • Four Hotcue buttons
  • Loop section with two push buttons + two 360 encoders.
  • Beatjump section with two rotary and two push buttons??
  • Alot of buttons beneath the pitch fader. Might be for Key, Master, Sync, Scratch controls...
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