21 December 2010

Emergency DJ equipment: Ipod...

I didn't get enough time to do my Youtube-segment yesterday, so it's here one day later.

What to do when your Traktor fails? (Which it almost never does)
If you are so unlucky that your computer or Mac bugs out on you durring a gig you can always just put on a random mix from an MP3 player, but what if you could do more? What if you instantly could have a great tool as a back up?

The positive side of this idea is that you can keep the set going in the same direction and not be confined to a pre arranged playlist or mix.

I think this might be a bit too "complicated" solution to the problame and from my perspective there probably is a better backup plan:

I would probably recommend bringing along a couple of CD or vinyl and use them to mix with the gear that is normaly used in the club. They probably have some CD players or Vinyl, but that's changing now that they are also getting more and more digital.
PS: Make sure to bring along what ever format is supported.

My backup is normaly a CD with two or three mixes within the genres I perform and they can be played continously, so I can go from R'n'B to House or from House to R'n'B in my mixes. The total length is about an hour and that gives me more then enough time to get my Traktor back up and running.

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