31 December 2010

Year summary

This year there has been alot of stuff going on for Digital DJs. The controller trend has been booming this year with alot of focus on four deck controllers and together with the release of Kontrol S4 the scene has moved more towards making more out of you performance.
Serato released The Bridge and introduced alot of products for Itch which is also a sign that controllerism is on an upwards trend.

The percentage among the DJs I know that has moved from cd to digital has increased from about 70 to about 80 percent.

I started focusing on my blog in September this year though I did some blog posts at the start of the year.
This blog is mainly about Traktor. My goal is to blog about digital DJing and Traktor every other day or once a day.

I realy like the trend of visitors to my blog and I hope you'll be visiting it in 2011 aswell.
Number of hits from May to December


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