05 December 2010

Single deck controllers

One of the reviewed controllers
This is a review I've been waiting on for a couple of weeks.
DigitalDJTips.com has released a very nice review (that they are probably currently expanding) where they take a look at single deck midi controllers.

I think it's a very good review and I like the way they comment every controller with the manufacurers comments and what they think. Very nice Phil! Great work on the reviews and just so you know: I concur. :)

They also did a similar review earlier on standard midi controllers (two decks and a mixer). If you are looking for a controller with mixer and deck controls for two or four track systems or if you are just interrested in what's happening on the controller market at the moment, you should take a look.

Single Jogwheel DJ Midi Controller Review
DJ Midi Controllers: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2011

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