09 December 2010

Rebirth on Ipad

The classic sequencer from Propellerhead is back and this time on Ipad!
Now you can play around with Roland TR-808, TR-909 and TB-303 when ever, where ever. Create some cool retro tunes on the go...

ReBirth faithfully emulates dance music's three backbone devices: The Roland TB-303 Bass synth and the Roland TR-808 and 909 drum machines. Combine these with FX units, fully featured pattern sequencers and a gorgeous-looking interface and you're ready to make killer tracks on your iPad. Share your music with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more using the built in sharing features.

Read more here: http://retronyms.com/

1 comment:

executive gifts said...

Hello! I am glad that the TB303 has an ipad app. I wish that the virtual SP1200 will also be made for the ipad3. How I wish that the sp1200 sampler will be re-issued , it will sell like pancakes.