04 December 2010

Going digital

Have you gone digital yet?? The toughest thing about going digital is digitalizing your music collection. Ripping music from CD and Vinyl is a timeconsuming and insainly boaring job, but it's a good way to run through all of your tracks and descide wether or not to import them.

Ripping from CD:
A pretty easy job if you have the right tools.
The biggest tast is to name your Tracks. Using EasyCDDA it's a blast. If you have been good with TrackID your tracks on burned CDs or if you are ripping directly from an excisting studioalbum the system will fill this out for you!

Ripping from Vinyl:
This is a more painstaking job, but DigitalDJTips.com just released a pretty good guide.
Read it here

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