10 December 2010

Rane + Traktor = True?

Rane is married to Serato. They have been living together for about five years now. Though Serato has had an affair with Numark, they are still happily married. But now there is something happening that might indicate that Rane is looking elsewhere for happiness...

Dj TechTools has learned that there are brand new ASIO and Core Audio drivers that allow any software to use Rane 68 mixers and SL3 boxes as multi-channel sound cards.

Alright!! But WHY???!
In worst case scenario. Your at a gig and you didn't bring a sound card you can actually get the Rane ASIO drivers, but only for PC. (Sorry Mac users...) But the drivers are in BETA, so you might want to get someone on the road to get that NI Audio X DJ soundcard ASAP.

Let's be honest. I've tried Serato and Rane TTM 57SL and I wasn't impressed about the control functions, but the quality of the Rane mixer was very nice. Let's hope they will be looking at Traktor in the future and hopefully Traktor will give some love back. :)


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