30 December 2010

Fixing Kontrol S4 high CPU-usage problem

Yes! Earlier I've posted that Traktor Kontrol S4 had some unusual high CPU requirements. The solution that Jaycobson figured out was to use the NI Audio 8 DJ as a soundcard. That reduced the CPU load quite a bit. Now that I've bought a new computer, this wasn't an issue since my new computer has an I7 processor, but I still thought that is used alot of processing power never the less.
I thought that the problem was my former computer, but it seems that the problem was a driver problem with the integrated soundcard!

Click here to read how to fix it.

It was however a great excuse to buy a new computer! Merry X-mas to myself. Posting the stats of my new computer as soon as I get some more time in front of the computer.