14 December 2010

A DJs Christmas list

Okay, so I started on some xmas list a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't get any time to follow up. And then digitaldjtips.com did one: 16 Christmas Stocking Fillers for Digital DJs.
Thanks alot!

Some addition that I want:
This is the coolest midi controller on the market. Get this controller is as simple as it is genious and has, according to DJ Techtools, the push buttons on the market. It just looks fantastic and you can customize your own controller and have DJ Techtools build it or get a DIY-kit for some afternoon soldering. Love it.

Vestax Pad-One

 This nice little pad and touchpad is a pretty close thing to Korg's Nanopad. Using a pad for controlling effects is pretty efficient since you can control three parameters with one click. X-axis, Y-axis and on/off.
The pads can give som extra buttons to mash when you are juggeling hotcues. Or use it to mash some rhytems in some sample software.

Which takes me to my next post on the wish list:
Roland Handsonic 10 or 15

Mashing some rythems on your own and using them as loops is probably the best surprise that Traktor S4 gave us. Recording loops and adding different elements and layering them on is an amazing tool for those of you want to create some extra in addition to mixing tracks.
There are alot of nice tools out there but for me the Handsonic series from Roland stands out. Get it now and get the coolest percusion on the block.

M-Audio SP-1

Foot pedals can be a nice addition when your hands are bussy with something else. The Traktor Kontrol S4 is equiped (probably thanks to Ean) with a foot switch. This is used as default to start recording loops. Will be a nice addition to the previous item on the list.

Akai MPK mini
Adding beats is "easy". Adding melody lines can be a bit more challenging and you probably need some background in playing on keyboard or piano to add something extra. Use some synth software and record basslines, hits, stabs or other melodic lines to take performance to the highest level.
Or just use this compact controller for controlling purposes like Ean Golden do with his Oxygen 8.
Keep in mind that the knobs on this one isn't very good, so you might want to get an extra set of rotary knobs aswell. :)

Contact DJ Techtools and you might get some just for this controller. Here's the buttons for the VCI-100.

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